Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Midnight Bonkers

I'm back.

The reason I haven't posted anything new is because I was busy with a million and one things to do. Weddings (shoots and edits), a shoot for Two Stops Over, a shoot for Fashion Watch 2011, an edit for a friend's vacation video, and a shoot and edit for YSTYLE's first fashion film, Femme Noir.

I haven't been getting much sleep because of this and have developed a pair of "Rimowas" under my eyes. I've been pretty bonked, way past midnight, which brings me to todays topic: THE MIDNIGHT BONKERS.

Midnight Bonkers is a group composed of premiere fashion photographer Paolo Pineda, photographer / dentist Ejay Leung, and yours truly. We accidentally got together back in 2009 and came up with our first behind-the-scenes vid for Paolo Pineda's "Spotlight" show.

Since then we've produced a number of BTS videos, a wedding film, and fashion films for Preview, Culte Femme, and YStyle. And it's been fun all the way.

Here is the latest film we did for Philippine Star's 25th anniversary, Femme Noir. Inspired by the noir feel of the films from the 40's, we carefully set up each scene to fit the genre of choice.