Photo courtesy of Paco Guerrero
I am a Physical Therapist by profession. I've been running my Sports Medicine Clinic since 2001 and I've worked with many professional athletes throughout my career. Back then my work was all about sprains, strains, and low back problems. The business of getting people back to their activities of daily living was fulfilling (and it still actually is), but it started to get boring. It was sort of like a "same-injury-different-day" thing for me.

In 2007 I decided to pick up a Canon EOS 400d (with a 50mm/ƒ1.8) and take up photography. It all started out as a hobby and I enjoyed shooting family vacations, friends, and like all After a couple of months (and a couple of camera upgrades) I was tasked to shoot a wedding with friends. The idea of shooting a couple tying the knot sort of appealed to me, but there were just too many wedding photographers in the market.  So I decided to tinker with the HD video capabilities of my camera (a Canon EOS 5d Mark II) and see if the other feature of this beast would tickle my fancy.

So after a year and a half, I now find myself totally immersed in this whole business of DSLR filmmaking and everything that comes with it. I've done numerous weddings, a couple of TV commercials, about four fashion editorial videos for Preview Magazine, Rustan's Culte Femme, and Nicole Whisenhunt Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. I have also been commissioned by some companies to do their corporate AVP's.

Just last March, I was hired as Director of Photography for a TV show called Two Stops Over. We just finished a whole season of thirteen episodes and we are ready to embark on a new season this coming April.

I guess I can now call myself a professional videographer (but I would rather use DSLR just sounds better). I hope that through this blog I can reach out to others and share my passion for this relatively new career in filmmaking.


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