Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Culte Femme 10.10.10

I was called by Hindy Weber-Tantoco late last year because she was celebrating her 10th year in the fashion industry and she wanted to do a special video for the big celebration. When I went to her office for the pre production meeting, I was expecting the concept to be the usual behind-the-scenes shoot with cool elevator music and soft focus shots of the models getting made up. I was wrong. She wanted an upbeat, monochromatic, fast cut edit that required heavy directing because she didn't want a behind-the-scenes vid. She showed me a peg that looked pretty easy to shoot because it required a white background with harsh lighting for good contrast and defined shadows. 

So this is what I came up with. Enjoy the film!

Filmed and Edited by: Dondi Narciso
Assisted by: Ejay Leung
Photography: Doc Marlon Pecjo
Make Up: Xeng Zulueta
Hair: Cats Del Rosario
Models:  Daphne OseƱa-Paez, Mai Kaufman, Kyla, Cesca Litton, Rima Ostwani, Bea Tantoco, Stephanie Kienle, Anna Go-Chia, Nikki Luna, and Hindy Weber-Tantoco

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