Friday, February 18, 2011

A Stroke Of GENUS

Scene 1: You are filming a lovely model gazing at the beautiful flowers outside her window. You are manually focusing on her right eye using the 3 inch LCD display of your DSLR and when you think you nailed the focus, you shout "ACTION!" and press the record button. Her emotions come from within, she cannot contain it anymore, and she sheds one tear from her right tear duct...gland (or whatever it's called)...everything is perfect. You shout "CUT! MARK! IT'S A WRAP!" and send everyone home.

Scene 2: As soon as you get to the editing suite, you download that very last scene and bring it up on your LCD monitor. Anxious to see if you were able to catch the sun's highlight on that teardrop, you put the display to full screen mode. GASP!!!!! Your focus is off by the tiniest bit and the eye is noticeably soft (not to mention the teardrop). And guess what? It's your last shooting day because your model flies back to Brazil the next day.

If you've had these moments, worry no more. Aperture Trading has come up with an accessory that will kiss all your soft focus problems goodbye. Introducing the Genus Loupe Finder.
This lightweight camera accessory easily attaches to your 3 inch LCD display. It actually gives a 2.5x magnification to your display which is ideal when you are shooting handheld and on the go. A bracket that has a temporary adhesive that sticks to your LCD screen serves as the attachment of the eyepiece. So you can easily slide the viewfinder in and out when you are moving around. For best results, I usually focus using the Genus Bravo Follow Focus, but that deserves a review in another post.

Best of all, this viewfinder is very affordable. And when not in use, it conveniently hangs around your neck, making you look like a real pro!

Photo courtesy of Tammy David

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